The Makedonoi are not major players on the world stage, nor are they the home to the powerful armies that might one day rule the world. They live a peaceful life in northern Greece with only minimal conflict with the barbaric Thrakians. To maintain their independence and prosper, will be a severely tough challenge for any commander in this critical stage of history. The Makedones army of sheep could do spectacularly well if led by the right Lion.

Situated in northern Greece the Makedones have ample land for agriculture and the practice of horsemanship. With strong ties to the nobles in Thessally they can train horsemen alongside some of the best in Greece. They do not form a solid battle lines of a phalanx with the same strength and skill of their southern Hellenic counter parts, but with a stronger cavalry the Makedones could adapt to disrupt the enemy and snatch victory.

The armies of all the major empires are coming together for one great clash of arms, can Makedonia ride the storm and survive independent? Or better still subdue their haughty neighbors and reign supreme in the west!


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