Un-walled Sparta... home to legend and stories of the greatest heroism. The finest hoplites in the entire world train together day and night, living for battle. Striving to conquer their neighbours to support their unorthodox regime the Lakedaimonioi lust for new lands cannot be quashed easily. The Messenioi have fallen and become helot slaves to the Lakedaimonioi. With them preparing for war almost constantly it could only be a matter of time before all Greece is held under her hegemony.

Lakedaimon's mainstay of battle are the Spartiatai - The most formidable Hoplites to ever grasp a spear stand unflinchingly in the face of any danger. Whilst the Krypteia might infiltrate the enemy camps and wreak havok among the terrified victims. Their cavalry is limited but the Lakedaimonioi need no prissy horsemen to win their battles. All they need is a strong right arm and the will to stand and fight!

Their lands are mountainous and not suitable for much agriculture which forces the Lakedaimonioi to expand and conquer new richer territories. With Athens only a few Stadia away an explosive war is soon to erupt and only the most cunning of commanders will be able to come out on top. With Greece being desperately fought over the armies of the east may soon take their chance to strike at the vulnerable Hellens. The Lakedaimonioi no doubt will be there to raise a Spear and stand for the freedom and Glory of Greece!


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