The Mazaka known as Massagetai to the Greeks are a fearsome tribe of nomads. Raiding deep into Median territory and eastern Balkh the Mazaka strike fear into the hearts of even the strongest men. Moving like lightning they come from the wilderness of the north to pillage and loot whatever they can find. Despite the wild differences in lifestyle the Mazaka were related to the Median and Persian Indo-Iranian family. However this blood tie is so long lost that it will not stop the searing arrows of the Mazaka from striking the heart of any Median citizen. The Median Empire lives in constant threat from these ferocious tribesmen.

But when not on campaign in the search for booty the Massagetae can lead the peaceful life of a nomadic herdsman, following the cattle and living on the open steppes with a freedom many city dwellers only dream of. Under the command of their stern Queen Tomyris the proud warriors are both gruesome to behold in battle but also serene to witness in peace. Their territory is harsh and unforgiving, with few settlements to bring in vast amounts of money. This is what will lead any confident commander to raid the rich southern lands and supplement his people with precious treasures.

The Mazaka fight the characteristic style of steppe warfare, which makes them hard to pin down in battle and engage on the usual terms. Swift horse archers can deal terrible damage to the enemy whilst luring them further out. Once exposed, the enemy fall prey to the thunderous charge of the Mazaka noble horse. Strong Spears and heavy armor make this wall of metal a fearsome sight. Whilst running rings around the enemy a good commander must remember not to get pinned down at any point.

The Mazaka stand proud in the harsh wilderness that surrounds and protects them. Would a foolish king dare risk his life in a hardy campaign against them? Or will the Mazaka rain a storm of arrows on the decadent southerners!


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